How to load and display “Expose, Intervene, Occupy:  Re-interpreting Public Space”

1.Viewing this piece requires an internet-enabled mobile device equipped with a camera and gps.
2. Download and install the Layar player ( for your particular phone.
3.  Start the application and point your device’s camera at the left side of the front of the postcard (with the hand holding the phone).
4. The app will take a moment to recognize the image and two buttons will appear – one for a movie, and one that links to our website.
5.  To see the intro movie, tap the top symbol and turn your device horizontally for highest resolution/best viewing experience.  There is sound, so turn your volume up or use headphones.
6. To see the website, which also contains the movie as well as a googlemap of EIO art locations, tap the bottom symbol.
7.  The QR code on the reverse will also take you to the website.

Further instructions and disclaimers:
Have patience.  This is a relatively new technology and does not play nicely sometimes and with some phones.
GPS is less reliable in a big city.
If you get an error message, try restarting the app.
If you are really stuck, restart your device.
Persist, and you will be rewarded.

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